Dark purple lotus seeds

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Dark purple lotus seeds

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The seeds will be washed away in the shower. Young seeds are whitish in color. Later, it turns green, then brown, and finally black. The seed size is around 0.5-1 cm.

Bua Kradong is propagated using ripe seeds. It is classified as a lotus that is exclusively utilized as a decorative plant in ponds or marshes. Because it cannot be grown in containers, it is commonly found in big wetlands. poolside garden a strange-looking lotus Carrots are distinct from the other lotus species.

1. Take the lotus seeds you purchased. Fill a glass or plastic bottle halfway with water.
2. Add a little water and securely knot the lip of a glass or container. If you leave it outside for 1-2 months, the seeds will germinate.
3. Remove the germinated seeds

It is ideal to grow on clay or peat soil. The water level is approximately 1 to 2 inches above the earth. It is critical to maintain the lotus watered at all times so that the germinated seeds do not drown.

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